The Drip Well System – Well Pump Oiler

Pump OilerProfessional pump companies and irrigators know it is important to have your bearings receiving plenty of oil during operation. Inadequate turbine pump lubrication is the leading cause of pump failure.

Also operators will find that continuous dripping not only wastes oil but can cause ground water contamination.
We make a product that is the perfect solution to these issues and will easily and effectively replace you outdated manual oil reservoir at an economical price.

The Drip-Well System is an automatic deep-well turbine pump oiler. “Drip-Well’s” automatic valve assures correct lubrication while your pump is running. This saves costly trips into the well when your pivot or pump shut down. It also shuts down the oiler when your power source goes on load controls, is stopped due to equipment failure, or simply hits the stop and times out.

The “Drip-Well” system is an excellent addition to auto control panels.




Why Do You Need a “Drip-Well” for Your Turbine Pump:

  • “Drip-Well” is Inexpensive and easy to Install
  • Reservoir designed for long life with maximum UV resistance, oil compatibility, size, and strength.
  • Large 5” fill
  • 4, 7, or 11 gallon capacity
  • Removable pump mount bracket
  • Side withdrawal for clean, constant oil supply
  • Automatic pump oiler
  • Cone bottom with Dapco drain for sediment control
  • No electricity required
  • Can be ran manually in pre-lube or winter conditions

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