5 Signs You Might Be a Farm Kid

October 15th, 2019 | Posted by Drip-Well

There’s no experience quite like growing up on a farm! It’s a special kind of lifestyle that’s always in your blood, no matter how you change or where you go.

Along with your deep-rooted values of hard work, family, patience and respect, there are other intrinsic qualities that remind you of where you came from. If you find yourself constantly smiling and nodding your head as you go through this list, there’s no doubt you’re a farm kid at heart!

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1) You started driving early.

We’re talking as soon as you could reach the pedals. Once you hit 12 or 13 your parents took you out to the field and taught you the ways of the truck—and it was probably a stick.

2) Chores were a full-time job.

Growing up on a farm means living as part of a working team! You were up at dawn and out in the fields helping your family during prime time and off-season. Feeding the animals, cleaning the barn, lifting endless bales of hay, husking, shucking, and picking—you did it all and you did it well.

3) You have a favorite tractor.

Brand loyalty runs deep where you were raised. You also know how to drive that tractor, and probably took it to school at some point!

4) You know the truth about cow tipping.

It doesn’t happen! And it isn’t possible.

5) Hearing “the cows are out,” still gets your adrenaline going.

You always had to be on guard, ready to move the herd back to the pasture if they wandered out of range. In fact, you still get the urge to stop and help when you drive along the highway and pass cows hanging out on the wrong side of the fence.

Growing up on a farm gives you a unique perspective on what’s important and what it takes to keep a farm or ranch running. That’s why all of the farming and irrigation products we carry at L&M Manufacturing meet the highest standard of quality and efficiency.

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