Corn Expo to Discuss Ways to Improve Profits in 2016

December 14th, 2015 | Posted by Drip-Well
Fremont Corn Expo

At L & M Manufacturing, we help farmers find solutions to irrigate their crops, and help them to be as efficient as profitable as possible. That’s why we wanted to share information on the upcoming Fremont Corn Expo to help our clients get the latest information available.

The 2016 Fremont Corn Expo will be held early in the new year – Jan. 7, 2016, at Christensen Field in nearby Fremont, Nebraska. This event provides a convenient opportunity for farmers and those interested in agriculture and food production to get together during the winter months to talk about timely and pressing corn-related topics. A visit to this one-day expo is a great way for farmers to improve their knowledge about cost-efficient corn production practices, as well as learn the latest predictions about crop diseases and get tips to manage and prevent these problems from increasing costs or blighting their crops.

The expo is also a great chance for farmers to meet and network with several hundred of their fellow farmers to discuss farming and food production topics. The daylong expo kicks off with a breakfast at 8 a.m., followed at 9 a.m. by a slate of morning speakers who will sharing vital information on a variety of topics, including how on-farm research can help impact farm productivity and tips to improve profitability for the upcoming 2016 crop season (and for seasons to come).

The 2016 Fremont Corn Expo also features about 50 exhibitors and talks on topics like “Searching for Profits When Faced with Low Grain Prices” and “The Economic Impact of Expanding Livestock Production.” There is also a planned panel discussion where several farmers will talk about what they’ve learned from participating in a corn yield contest to help their farms succeed, as well as an overall business and industry update to give attendees an overview of the state of the industry, where it’s headed and what’s new. Plus, door prizes are awarded at the end of the expo, which ends at 3 p.m.

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