Custom Tow Ropes

Tow ropes come in many sizes and lengths.Photo of blue rope

We call it “Custom Rope” because this company has the knowledge and ability to make a rope to meet your individual needs. Custom Rope is safer than Nylon, cable or chains! These ropes are designed for the sole purpose of pulling heavy equipment. It is durable and resistant to the many different elements that a farmer, a man in the oil field , or a a man in construction would expose it to. Weather, battery acid, diesel fuel, oil gasoline, hydraulic fluid, fertilizer,or UV light will all damage a nylon rope but will not harm this fine polypropylene rope.

“Custom Tow Ropes” come in many sizes, styles and, lengths. It is unparalleled in quality.You choose the hook/loop configuration and length to meet your needs. 12,500 -150,000 lb. tow ropes available. Order with or without protective sleeve.

Photo of man holding blue rope