Fertilize and Treat Crops Efficiently with Agri-Inject

April 7th, 2016 | Posted by Drip-Well

Applying fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides and other crop or soil treatments is an expensive and time-consuming routine on most farms. This is usually accomplished with either aerial or ground rig applications, but these approaches bring their own complications, like overspray and sometimes needing to shut down irrigation before and after the application. Fortunately, there is an innovative solution to applying crop and soil treatments.

You can now fertilize and treat crops efficiently with Agri-Inject systems. Agri-Inject systems deliver needed treatments using fluid injection technology. By using fluid injection, you can utilize your existing irrigation systems to deliver crop or soil treatments easily and affordably.

Agri-Inject systems work with most sprinkler-type irrigation systems, including center pivot, solid set and linear move systems. These fluid injection systems are effective for use with most crops.

The effectiveness and utility of Agri-Inject systems is demonstrated by its widespread adoption. Agri-Inject systems are currently in use at agricultural operations across North America and on six continents.

Lowering production costs is always welcome, and Agri-Inject systems do just that for agricultural operations. Fluid injection technology costs between 34 and 60 percent less than aerial or ground applications, and these savings are realized due to diminished material needs per acre and reduced importance for repeated applications. Additionally, an Agri-Inject system reduces time spent on applications, and also minimizes soil compaction by not needing to use a ground application of materials.

Fluid injection also has environmental benefits. By using less material per acre while also reducing the likelihood or impact of drift, less fertilizer, herbicide or insecticide can be used, meaning a reduction in the volume of these treatments in the soil.

Operator safety can also be improved using a fluid injection system because chemicals are handled less frequently. Handling chemicals once per field rather than multiple times while refilling tanks reduces the chances of a spill or other accident.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many choose Agri-Inject to help make operations more efficient, effective and safe. To learn more about how an Agri-Inject system can help you fertilize and treat crops at your farm, call L&M Manufacturing today at 308-532-4856 or 800-676-DRIP (3747).