Get the Last Tire You’ll Ever Need With RhinoGator

January 14th, 2016 | Posted by Drip-Well

When you want to water your crops, you want the process to go smoothly, and one of the last things you want to deal with – especially in the cold-weather months – is a flat tire. Dealing with flat tires takes up valuable time and money that would be better spent on more productive efforts. Fortunately, there’s a solution: the RhinoGator available from L & M Manufacturing.

The RhinoGator has changed the way that farmers think about tires on their pivot irrigation systems. Made of super-tough, high-density composite plastic resins, RhinoGator replaces traditional inflated rubber tires – which tend to easily go flat – to help make the pivot irrigation process easier on the farmer. The RhinoGator never goes flat, nor will it fill up with water or become caked in mud thanks to its unique tread design. RhinoGator is a must for anyone who deals with pivot irrigation wheels and wants a reliable, long-lasting solution.

Tested for thousands of hours on pivots under every type of condition and terrain, the RhinoGator works well on systems that include ordinary rubber tires on other towers. The bright green RhinoGator pieces can be installed on pivots as ordinary tires fail, or, better yet, you can change out an entire pivot at once. The RhinoGator fits on standard pivot irrigation wheels and is available in the most common pivot tire sizes. In fact, the bolt holes are molded right into the RhinoGator, making it easy to install.

Ideally, you’ll want RhinoGator everywhere you have tires. These precision manufactured RhinoGator tires work especially well for nearly any pivot irrigation design, even in wet soil conditions or on inclined terrain. Thanks to its high-traction, non-directional tread pattern and a heavy-duty center rib that creates a lower profile sidewall, the RhinoGator is the perfect choice to add strength, stability and reliability to your pivot irrigation system.

The last place you want to be in the 100-degree summer heat and humidity is in the middle of your corn field having to replace a tire on your pivot irrigation system. With RhinoGator, you won’t have any reason to worry!

Check out the online brochure now to learn more, or contact us today with any questions or to order RhinoGators for your farm!