How to Get Your Livestock Ready for Winter

Freeze Protection Products for the Farm

Many people who aren’t familiar with the industry think that when the cold weather hits and the snow starts to fall, the work of a farmer is done for the season. In truth, however, a farmer’s work is never done! Farmers actually get busier as harsh weather sets in and cattle and other livestock need more attention.

When you keep livestock, one of your top priorities before winter settles in is to ensure your animals are well-protected and your barn is well-stocked. Start by knowing what supplies you’ll need, and how to prepare them and your livestock for the winter!

Prepare shelter for your animals.

Nobody wants to be left out to face the elements when a cold front or winter storm comes in—especially your livestock! Make sure you have enough enclosed shelter to comfortably accommodate all of your animals and keep them safe, dry, and warm. Take care of any repairs now before the weather worsens to ensure your shelter is as leakproof, windproof, and protected from the elements as possible.

Make sure you have enough supplies.

You never know when the winter weather may prevent you from making a supply run, so it’s best to have more than enough on hand to get you through. Stock up on food, keeping in mind that your livestock will need some extra calories to keep them warm and energized as the temperatures drop. Also, be sure to have enough bedding to maintain a thick, clean layer to keep your animals warm and cozy!

Protect your water supply.

One of the most important steps in prepping your farm for winter is to take measures to prevent your stock tanks from freezing and keep your water supply flowing. Use a pump, heater, and other insulating products to keep water circulating and your water system updated. You’ll also want to have the best tools to prevent ice formation by reducing water consumption to the minimum.

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