Manage Irrigation Easily with Gatemate

October 18th, 2016 | Posted by Drip-Well

GatemateGated pipe irrigation systems may be less common in agriculture than they were in the past, but many farms still rely on these systems to provide water to at least a portion of their fields. One of the challenges with a gated pipe irrigation system has always been opening and closing the gates efficiently and without accidentally damaging them. Fortunately, the Gatemate system from L & M Manufacturing can help you can manage irrigation more easily.

Using a gated pipe irrigation system offer some distinct advantages not found in other flood irrigation systems. These advantages include better control of water distribution and decreased water usage because of reduced seepage. Unfortunately, a gated pipe system can require just as much labor as other systems, and sometimes even more. Opening and closing gates can be time-consuming, tedious and back-breaking work.

Bending or stooping to open and close dozens of gates each day can strain even the strongest backs. Another option has been to use a shovel or other object to open and close gates, but this approach can be awkward and, if positioned improperly, result in damaged or broken gates.

Gatemate is the solution to the problem of managing gates. This handy tool makes it easier than ever to open and close pipe gates, allowing you to work more quickly, more efficiently and more comfortably. Using a Gatemate can also save you money in the long term, both on labor costs and on preventing gate damage. The Gatemate is a tool that will pay for itself many times over.

L & M Manufacturing is dedicated to developing and introducing quality products like the Gatemate that have been tested and proven effective for operations just like yours. As a small, privately owned company, we are able to serve our customers with a personal touch that is not provided by large corporations. Contact us today by calling 308-532-4856 or 800-676-DRIP (3747) to learn more about the Gatemate or to place your order.