Pivot Automatic Clean (P.A.C.)

Finally, as promised, the all new Pivot Automatic Clean (P.A.C.) is now available!

Center Pivot Irrigation Equipment
Photo of metal nozzle 						Many of you have been waiting for a reliable solution to plugged nozzles in your irrigation pivots.  Sand, stray assembly bolts, injector parts, and paint chips mix with sediment and build up in your pivot system. “Drip-Well” now has an economical and reliable fix for this issue and it was developed by an irrigator for all irrigators. Need is one of the best motivations for innovation!

Next time you feel the need to clean your sprinkler nozzles, open up the end of your pivot or flush the sludge from your center pivot; why not install a P.A.C. and take the nasty time consuming flush job off of your annual to-do list.

The P.A.C. from L & M Mfg., Inc. cleans your irrigation system of all materials up to one inch in diameter each time you start your pivot and again when you shut it down; there will be a purge of sediment from the end of your pivot. Extensive testing has been done in the past two years to assure reliability of the P.A.C. Use with or without an end gun but we think you will find it a must in situations where you have removed your end gun.

P.A.C. is light weight aluminum construction and easy to install for a long corrosion free life. It comes as a complete package for direct installation on almost all pivots. You will find it economical and reliable in performance.  We think you will find it a “must have” on all your center pivot irrigation equipment.

Contact L & M Mfg for more information about the Pivot Automatic Clean at 800-676-3747.
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Pivot Auto Clean Instructions:

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P.A.C. In Action