Prepare for Your Spring Rush with Drip-Well

February 5th, 2019 | Posted by Drip-Well

Herd of Cattle Drinking OutsideIt’s February and when an arctic vortex settles in, nothing seems more urgent than settling in for a hot cup of tea while flipping through seed catalogs and dreaming about spring. That may sound like fun, but, of course, activity on the farm doesn’t just stop during these sub-freezing days. In fact, the subfreezing days maybe wreaking havoc that will be a headache come spring or worse, a headache in the dead of winter.

Make sure you are protected against freezing temperatures and get ahead of spring rush by order pump and irrigation supplies.

It may be freezing right now, but it is never too late to install freeze protection. When cattle water freezes it is not only a big mess, but it can create dangerous conditions for cattle. It is not uncommon for cattle waterers to fail as the mercury dips. Fortunately, Drip-Well can get necessary freeze protection equipment to you quickly to ensure cattle have adequate water supplies.

Drip-Well can ensure your livestock water remains ice free from the source to the waterer. The Micro Sweeper is an ice preventers that monitors water temperature and uses pressurized water to prevent ice formation while the Ice Sweeper ensures ice does not form on the surface of water. Finally, the Freeze Miser prevents water from freezing at the faucet.

While it may be colder than usual across much of the United States, the thaw is not far off. The National Weather Services predicts a weak El Niño into spring. This means that drought conditions are expected to persist throughout 2019. So, irrigation will be critical, and it is important for irrigation systems to be well maintain and ready for operation come spring.

One of the leading causes for irrigation and pump system failures is inadequate lubrication. Upgrading a continuous drip irrigation system is a great way to protect against failure while reducing waste and preventing contamination. Drip-Well’s innovative lubrication system starts and stops in coordination with pump activity. This eliminates the need to manually turn lubrication on and off and it stop the potential for continuous dripping. It is also even more robust than a electronic solenoid because it is entirely non-electric.

Whether the subzero temperatures have you battling ice now or thinking about the upcoming spring thaw, February is an excellent time to get in touch with Drip-Well and order your replacement parts. New customer! Check out our full list of products here.