Prevent Frozen Water With the Ice Bull

December 1st, 2015 | Posted by Drip-Well
Ice Bull System

With winter quickly approaching, temperatures will be dropping, increasing the risk of things like snow and freezing cattle tanks. This can lead to winter being a nightmare for many farmers across the country. That’s why this year you need to buy an Ice Bull to prevent fighting to keep your tanks from freezing

Grab the Ice Bull by the Horns!

The Ice Bull is an automatic ice prevention system for the cattle tanks that go to your livestock. When the temperature outside falls below 42 degrees, the Ice Bull automatically opens up and allows warm water to flow into the water tank. This warming water and the movement of the new water flowing in will prevent any ice from forming in the stock tank. Then, when the ideal temperature has been reached, it will automatically shut itself off, preventing wasted energy.

The Ice Bull also requires very little maintenance once it is installed. It has been designed to withstand the punishment that can come from winter weather, and is available with multiple valve and float options to help accommodate nearly any type of feed going into your cattle tanks. Adding the Ice Bull allows you to rest assured that your livestock will be able to receive the water they need to stay continually hydrated during the winter months and without constantly needing to manage water temperatures manually.

At Drip-Well, we offer a wide variety of useful agricultural items, including the Drip-Well System and the Ice Bull. Our products will help keep your farm or other agricultural operation running at peak efficiency. For more information on our products, contact us today!