ReFLEX Toolbar Control System

Patent Pending

REFLEX Toolbar Control is an automatic toolbar adjustment system that uses hydraulic adjustment and height sensors to make quick and accurate adjustments to your toolbar hinge points. This allows your toolbar to maintain proper ground clearance across the entire machine, resulting in more toolbar attachments running parallel and at an accurate depth.

  • REFLEX actively adjusts and holds different sections of the toolbar at a target height. No weights or gauge wheels needed on wing sections to overcome the forces of variable downforce pressure on individual row units.
  • Equally engaged row units greatly reduce stress on a toolbar and side drag on a tractor. This can result in a significant reduction in horsepower and traction requirements.
  • Active adjustment continues when turning around in headlands preventing machine from touching the ground even over obstacles such as fencerows and roadways.
  • System speed, accuracy and sensitivity can be easily fine-tuned to the specific needs of an implement and field conditions.
  • Cab controls are simple and convenient to use. ISOBUS compatibility is available.

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