Restrictions on Ethanol in Gasoline Changing

December 13th, 2018 | Posted by Drip-Well

Person Using Gas PumpIn 2011, a federal mandate was put into place that banned the sale of gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol instead of the usual 10 percent ethanol between the months of June and September. This mandate was created because the high-ethanol gasoline blend, which is commonly called E15, is believed by some to contribute to the smog problem in certain parts of the country on hot days in the summer. Critics of the ban have argued against that and said that there is no proof that E15 harms the environment in any way. But despite their pleas, year-round sales of E15 have been off the table for the last seven years.

That all changed this fall, though, when President Donald Trump made the decision to loosen the restrictions that have traditionally been placed on E15. Just before a trip to Iowa, which is one of the many states that helps produce the corn that is used to manufacture E15, Trump decided that he was lifting the federal ban on E15. As a result, E15 will now be available all year long as opposed to only being available between October and May. The new rule concerning E15 is expected to go into place prior to the start of next summer.

The decision to do away with the E15 ban has caused a lot of controversy around the country with many people speaking out both for and against ethanol deregulation.

Those in the oil industry are obviously not happy over the fact that E15 will be available all the time. The American Petroleum Institute went as far as to call the move “ill-advised” and warned that E15 could cause damage to many vehicles that weren’t designed to run on it. Those who think increased E15 sales will lead to further pollution and climate change are also steadfastly against the new E15 policy and don’t want to see it offered throughout the entire year.

In reality E-15 is actually better for the environment!  Ethanol burns cleaner than oil (petroleum based fuels).  It in fact helps keep the air we breath clean for our children, grandchildren, and our selves as well.  As far as vehicle damage; the facts have disproved any cause to failure.

But many people who live in corn-producing states like Iowa and corn producers themselves have been ecstatic over the news about the E15 ban being lifted. Once the ban goes away, it should lead to more E15 being sold every year, and that should ultimately lead to many farmers harvesting bigger profits in the years to come. Organizations like the Renewable Fuels Association have also sided with corn farmers and argued that eliminating the E15 ban will give more people access to clean and affordable fuel in the near future.

If the E15 ban is, indeed, lifted in time for summer 2019, corn farmers might need to race to start producing more corn in the coming years. Drip-Well can provide the systems they need to do it. Call us at 800-676-DRIP today to hear how our products might be able to benefit you.