When it comes to lousy jobs during irrigation, slogging through a muddy field to replace a flat pivot tire is right up there. RhinoGator solves that problem—and many, many more. Constructed of super strong composite plastic resins, RhinoGator is rugged, rigid and virtually impervious. RhinoGator never goes flat—and won’t fill up with water or mud.

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  • RhinoGator fits standard pivot irrigation wheels.
  • Rhino Gator is easy to install and outperformed ordinary rubber pivot tires in many applications.
  • RhinoGator is available in standard pivot tire sizes, backed by a 3-year limited warranty.
  • RhinoGator was designed and engineered from the ground up for use on pivot irrigation systems.
  • RhinoGator has been put to the test over thousands of hours on pivots under every type of condition and terrain.
  • You can install RhinoGator on your pivots as your ordinary tires fail—or you can change out an entire pivot at once.
  • RhinoGator works trouble-free on systems that include ordinary rubber tires on other towers.
  • The high-traction RhinoGator tread pattern has been designed for a secure grip on wet soils—even up inclines that challenge ordinary rubber tires.
  • The tread pattern has also been engineered for self-cleaning.
  • The heavy-duty center rib reduces side hill slippage, adds strength and stability, and allows for a lower profile sidewall for greater traction and self-cleaning.
  • The tread design is non-directional, allowing RhinoGator to work effectively clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The tough, high-density plastic resins were scientifically selected based on criteria such as bearing weight, stress and torque, resistance to sunlight, chemicals and moisture, material consistency, and ease of handling.
  • RhinoGator features the highest UV protection package available in the plastics industry.
  • The RhinoGator includes renewable plastic made from corn!
  • The distinct green color really stands out—telling you which tires you don’t have to worry about going flat.
  • RhinoGator is precision manufactured under controlled conditions.
  • Bolt holes are molded right into the RhinoGator—not hand-drilled.
  • The bolt package included is already sized to length and ready to use—and re-use.
  • The pre-engineered accuracy and consistent specifications of RhinoGator makes installation simple, easy and frustration-free.

The RhinoGator Brochure offers more details.



Video Availablehttp://youtu.be/t0uIFk8ND1I


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