Stay Safe with Emergency Exit Window Wells

May 24th, 2016 | Posted by Drip-Well

Many basements in homes today are furnished and used as either a second living room or an entertainment room. The problem is if something bad were to happen on the first floor of the house, such as a fire, many basement windows don’t offer occupants an easy way to escape. So if you want to make sure that everyone in your home is able to get out safely in a crisis, it might be time to invest in emergency exit window wells.

Emergency Exit Window Well

L & M Manufacturing offers Lifelines, a window well egress system that’s a perfect solution for providing a convenient exit from basement windows. Featuring built-in steps and rails, they will allow you and your family to climb out of your basement with ease. The well will also come in handy for access to your home in case you run into a scenario such as locking yourself out, too. Available in three designer colors, the window wells will add value to your home, as well, but improving safety and security.

Now with the way they are designed, some might think this addition might welcome pests, the pooling of water or even accumulation of snow. There’s no need to worry about these concerns, though, as there is an optional cover for the window wells that can be added to keep pests and precipitation at bay. The emergency exit window wells also include a contoured bottom and drain kit which helps to keep any water that does get in from causing issues with pooling or flooding. The elements won’t weaken the window wells either as they are built from materials that won’t rust or dent.

If you want to improve the safety of your home, allow in more natural light to your basement, or need a new egress solution to meet changing municipal codes, the Lifelines emergency exit window wells are the perfect choice for you. For more information on window wells or any of our other agricultural equipment and supplies, call L & M Manufacturing today at 800-676-3747!