As spring approaches in most of the country, it’s a good time for farmers to look at their property and see what needs to be improved for the coming growing season.

One area of interest heading into spring will surely be electric fences. Farmers should check the status of all their electric fences and see if they have any sections that need to be replaced or if new equipment should be purchased to cordon off new grazing areas.

Electric fences are an excellent and safe way to keep cattle and other livestock in set areas. The type of fence depends largely on the type of animal you want to contain, something L&M Manufacturing can help you with thanks to a large catalog of products.

In the manufacturing business since 1994, L&M has long been a seller of Dare electric fencing products. Dare is known for manufacturing the highest-quality products in the industry. You can check out the full catalog to see all of the available options, but some of the top products include the Enforcer Series Energizer 110-volt fence charger, gate handles, hi-tensile corner and end insulators and pinlock insulators for wood posts.

Dare products have consistently withstood the test of time and the elements. Many of the company’s customers have been with the company more than 22 years thanks to excellent quality products, fantastic customer service and a family atmosphere. The company’s philosophy is simple, yet strong: to manufacture and provide quality products to create lasting customer relationships.

A key tenant of that is a dedication to quality. The company only uses high-quality materials, refusing to create a lesser product to save on the manufacturing cost.

So as you plan for the coming year for your farm, look to L&M Manufacturing for all your electric fence needs. Electric fences can help keep your cattle safe and contribute to what will hopefully be another wonderful season for you and your farm. Check out our full inventory of Dare electric fence products online now, or give us a call at 800-676-3747 today to learn more.



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