Watson Stock Tank Float Valve System

Photo of water float system
If you are looking for a dependable & reliable watering system for your stock tanks, look no further. The “Watson Float Valve System” is:

  • Dependable – shuts off water
  • Reliable – Many years of service with little or no maintenance
  • Used with pressure systems, cisterns and supply tanks
  • When used with a bleeder valve, it reduces pumping costs, excess runoff and freezing problems.
  • The Watson components are made of Hot dipped galvanized steel with brass or stainless steel seats. It features easy to replace EPDM washers and heavy-duty aluminum floats.
  • The float valve is high volume (15gpm at 45psi) and high pressure shuts off 140psi.
  • Complete systems available for easy installation

Check out the WatsonProductCatalog for more details.

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